Replacing a Certificate

Unfortunately we are unable to provide replacement documents at this time. 

We are still able to offer some academic transcripts and academic references through email only.

Prior to 1992, your certificate may have been awarded by the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA), University of Bath or University of Bristol, in which case you should contact the relevant institution for a new certificate.

Amended of name:

The student's name on the certificate should match the student's official record as held by the University. This is the definitive record of the student and their achievement. This information is used for the production of

graduation proceedings and degree certificates and names are not normally changed after graduation unless a spelling or administrative error has been made.

However, the University is aware of its responsibilities under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and Equality Act 2010. In circumstances where an individual has changed their name as a result of a change in their gender presentation, and the individual asks the University to reissue a certificate in their new name, this request will be granted upon production of proof of name change.

Individuals will also be asked how they want their official University record to be reflected for the future and the record will be updated accordingly. Individuals will be required to return their original degree certificate before a new degree certificate will be issued. Changes of name on a degree certificate post-graduation in other circumstances will not be permitted.

Lost or destroyed:

A replacement certificate can only be re-issued or purchased if your original certificate has been lost, returned to the University or destroyed, as only one degree certificate may be in circulation at any one time. The applicant must make a written declaration setting out fully the circumstances in which the certificate was lost or destroyed including an undertaking that, should a replacement be issued, it will be returned if the original is subsequently found.

We will need to verify your details before we produce the certificate. Please note that replacements, while having precisely the same standing as the originals they replace, are produced in the current format and may not therefore be an exact copy of the original. The University takes fraudulent applications very seriously and will normally report any such instances to the relevant authorities

Please email for more information. Please include your full name at time of studies, date of birth and, if known, your student number, and we will be able to advise further what we can do for you.