Travel and Subsistence

Journeys by Car

Claims may be made for using private cars for University work. This would normally be for such activities as inter-site transport, in service work, school experience supervision or educational visits.

Staff who use their car on University business will be reimbursed at the nationally agreed rates of 45p for the first 80 miles a day and 27p for each mile thereafter.

Claims for expenses should be made through the Liquid Office system. For staff who do not have access to Liquid Office, manual forms can be obtained through the Finance web page.

Apart from School Experience expenses, all claims should be submitted on the one form. They should be signed by the claimant and countersigned by the Head of School.

Claims for expenses relating to School Experience should be authorised by the Assistant Dean of the School of Education or his/her nominated deputy, since these form a charge against the Education's school budget. Staff who incur expenses against both should submit separate claims.

Claims will be paid by BACS transfer usually within a week of submission.

Mileage claims must not include travel between residence and University and vice versa since it is an employee's responsibility to meet his or her own costs in travelling to and from work. However, if it is deemed necessary for an employee to travel to and from work more than once in a day, or to come to work over a weekend (i.e., outside of normal contracted hours), then the additional costs can be claimed. Any such claims will require evidence from the employee's line manager that the additional journey was essential. Staff are reminded that such claims will be subject to tax and NI deductions, since they constitute a 'benefit in kind'.

When travelling direct from home to destination and return to home, mileage claimed should be the shorter distance of home to destination and return, or from base to destination and return.

When travelling direct from home to destination and thence to base or vice versa, mileage claimed should be the full mileage less the normal home to University mileage. This calculation should be shown in detail on the claim form.

Journeys by Rail

Rail warrants are available from the Transport Office at Newton Park. An Internal Purchase Order form needs to be completed with details of the journey, signed and then countersigned by the Head of School/Department. A rail warrant will then be issued. In the case of an Academic Member of staff this would be an Absence Form - again completed and appropriately signed.


Subsistence may be claimed - lunch and tea, at the standard rate as at 1st January, 2008. Breakfast may only be claimed if leaving home before 6.30 am and an evening meal if arriving home after 8.30 p.m. The current rates are provided on the claim form and are also available from the Transport Office.