Annual leave

Information for all full and part time BSU staff

    From annual leave year 2006/07 changes were implemented to ensure annual leave arrangements are controlled by line managers.

Leave Entitlements and Chart

  • The holiday year for all staff is from 1 September to 31 August. Details of yearly entitlements are:
    • Academic Staff - 35 days;
    • Professional Services Staff:
Grade New to the University After 5 years continuous service
Up to Grade 6 20 26
Grade 7 to Grade 8a 21 27
Grade 9s and Grade 9a 22 28
Grade 10 23 29
  • Annual leave entitlement for full time members of staff will be calculated in days.
  • Annual leave entitlement for part time employees will be calculated in hours to reflect fair and accurate leave entitlement.
  • Staff will receive a pro rata amount of leave depending upon starting and/or leaving date. The annual leave calculator (.xlsx) available on the HR website will be used. Any unused holiday upon leaving will be paid and if annual leave is owed to the University this will be deducted from your final salary.
  • If a post is re-graded or an employee is promoted to a higher grade with more holidays, then the new holiday entitlement is effective from the date of change. The leave entitlement for the employee for the holiday year in which the change occurs will need to be recalculated. There will be a pro rata component before the change and a pro rata component after the change.
  • Members of staff no longer receive a coloured paper annual leave chart from Human Resources (HR), this will now be available from the HR website.
  • Up to 5 days annual leave can be carried forward or anticipated from the next year's entitlement. The carrying over of more annual leave days will only be agreed by the Director of HR in exceptional circumstances and is usually when a member of staff has been absent due to sickness.
  • Term-time members of staff will not receive annual leave charts as they receive pro rata pay.

Bank Holidays

  • In addition to annual leave, staff receive statutory Bank Holidays, local discretionary holidays and days when the University is closed in the interests of efficiency. In a week where there is one Bank Holiday or University closure day full time staff work 4/5th of their normal working week. For example, if there is a bank holiday on a Monday, full time staff work only four days (Tuesday to Friday).
  • Full year part time staff receive pro rata Bank Holidays. Line managers are responsible for ensuring that part time staff receive pro rata bank holiday entitlements. In order to receive the same entitlement as full time staff, in a week with a Bank Holiday or University closure day, part time staff will also work 4/5th of their normal working week. For example, if there is a Bank Holiday on a Monday but you only work Thursday and Friday, you will be entitled to 1/5th of two working days as extra leave. Make the calculations simple with the bank holiday calculator (.xlsx) for part time staff.

Term Time Only Staff

  • Term time only staff receive extra pro rata pay for Bank Holiday, local discretionary holidays and days when the University is closed in the interests of efficiency, and this is known as "holiday factor". This holiday factor is a calculation and changes when a member of staff has completed 5 years service.
  • As term time only staff are paid for bank holiday/closure days, then if these days fall on rostered working days, staff are required to work back the hours. Line managers will advise staff in cases like these.

Services by Human Resources

  • Calculation of annual leave entitlement for each new annual leave year will be carried out by HR and distributed by E-mail to Head of Department/School for information and distribution to the respective line managers.
  • Template (.pdf) Template (.docx) of Annual Leave Chart (for retention) is available from the HR website.
  • Information on new annual leave process and annual leave calculation is available from the HR website.

Responsibility of Line Managers

  • ENTITLEMENTS - Managers are responsible for informing their members of staff about the individual annual leave entitlements.
  • REQUEST FOR LEAVE - Request for annual leave will continue to be approved by the employee-s line manager.
  • CHANGES - Any change in annual leave entitlement is to be confirmed by the employee's line manager. Calculation of new entitlement can be carried out by line manager or administrator where appropriate.
  • CARRY FORWARD LEAVE - Carry forward of annual leave will be approved by the employee's line manager by the end of each annual leave year, latest by 31 August. Carry forward of 6 or more days should be discussed with the HR Advisors.
  • ACCESS - Line managers will need to print off the annual leave template for employees who have no access to computers.

Responsibilities of Employees

  • ANNUAL LEAVE CHART - Employees are requested to print off their annual leave chart by the beginning of each annual leave year or on their start of employment with the University using the template on the Human Resources website where possible.
  • ORIGINAL ANNUAL LEAVE CHART - Employees are responsible for retaining their original annual leave chart.
  • ANNUAL LEAVE REQUESTS - All requests for annual leave are to be forwarded to the employee's line manager. Any request for carry forward of six or more days should be discussed with the HR Advisor.
  • CARRY FORWARD OF LEAVE - Employees are to request carry forward of their annual leave from their line manager by the end of the annual leave year i.e. 31 August.


    School administrators remain central figures with regards to flow of information and communication, and administration of annual leave. Calculation of annual leave changes is carried out by the respective School administrator. However, approval of any change remains with the respective line manager.

There's always our EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) provider, Lifeworks, for help, advice and support. The username and password are on the membership card you received. Please contact HR for the username and password if you do not have your membership card