IT Services



IT Services provides the technology services which underpin learning, teaching, research and administration activities across the organisation.

We pride ourselves in providing IT services which are relevant, easy to use as well as secure and reliable. This is achieved through best practice and skilled people who are committed to maintaining a high quality of service.

We will continually engage with students and staff to gain a clear understanding of what services they need, whilst contributing towards the creative aspirations of the University.

Alert regarding recent 'spear phishing' attempts

Following a number of recent 'spear phishing' attacks, IT Services would like to remind senior staff of the dangers of 'phishing' and 'whaling' attacks.

Given the risk that this presents to Bath Spa University, please ensure you read this document

If you receive any suspicious emails, please do not respond and do not click any links in the email. You may wish to report the attempt to Action Fraud.

Should you have any concerns or have any questions, please either log a call here or speak to the Service Desk on Ext 6500.