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Our brand name is proudly chiselled in crisp white letters onto a simple geometric stone slab to reference Bath’s heritage. It’s clean. It’s modern. It’s proud. It’s a stamp of quality that unites our diverse range of activities from the courses we teach to the exceptional student experience we provide, both on and off campus.

Our brand identity has to talk to many audiences in many different voices, and we are first and foremost a world-leading academic institution for the study of creativity, culture and enterprise. It must have gravitas and credibility in this space, so we have to keep our identity simple and clean.

The logo utilises our new bespoke font, Bath Spa New Roman Title, to reference the story of tradition and craft with modernity and minimalism.

The logo must be applied consistently and should in no way be manipulated or recreated.

Our logos are registered trademarks and are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Our Master Logo

Bath Spa University logo

The minimum clear space area that should be left around the logo mark is defined by the Caps (X) Height of the letters in the word BATH SPA .

Bath Spa University logo padding example

To protect the integrity and legibility of the mark this exclusion zone should be kept clear at all times.

Logo Size

Based on the standard A range, the recommended sizes are shown here.

Bath Spa University logo size examples

The logo can be used as a tab for pages and imagery. There should be enough clear space at the top of the logo to allow for this in print or online applications.

It is not recommended to use the logo at less than 20mm in width or depth. However, if necessary, use the alternative logotype when 20mm width or greater is not possible.

Bath Spa University logo no-smaller than 20mm

The logo should never be used below 20mm in diameter. If using the mark larger than

20mm in width isn’t possible, we use the uncontained logotype. In this application it is possible to reduce the logo in size whilst retaining legibility.

Bath Spa University small logo

Logo Variations

Primary version

Whenever possible always use the principle version of the Bath Spa University logo. If possible it should be printed as a special PMS 533, however if this isn’t suitable please use the CMYK or RGB versions of the primary mark.

Bath Spa University primary logo

Greyscale version

For print applications where using colour isn’t possible, it’s acceptable to use the greyscale version shown here.

Bath Spa University greyscale logo

Staying positive

In no situation should the logo be reversed out of a dark background. If placing the logo over photography please choose a pale area of the image to maintain sufficient stand out.

Bath Spa University logo illegal white version

If screen printing is required on flags or hooded sweatshirts for example please choose items with light coloured backgrounds so that the positive logo maintains its authority and legibility. Where this isn't possible, use the line-art version:

Bath Spa University logo line-art white version

Without Distortion

Do not amend the logo by adding your own text to it.

Bath Spa University logo illegal additional wording version

Do not distort the logo in any way.

Bath Spa University logo illegal stretched version

Logo Placement

The logo has been designed as a tab and as such works best when attached to the top of a page or to the bottom of an image. It should only ever be attached along it’s top edge, adhering to the clear space rules.

For desktop publishing formats It can also be used in a more traditional fashion as a stand alone device, this is essential where printing edge to edge is not possible.

The logo should always be the most prominent item on any layout, therefore It’s important to place it in space, and on a white or light coloured background.

Bath Spa University logo placement examples


Where the Bath Spa University logo has to appear with a partner organisation the minimum space and minimum size usage guidelines should be followed.

The Bath Spa University logo should always have at least equal prominence to co-brands in any sponsorship applications. When co-branding as a University, the Master brand should only be used.

Co-branding example

When co-branding at school of study level, the University logo should be used as well as the school endorsement. This can be done for multiple schools.


There are a few specific university initiatives that have their own distinctive sub-branding. This is to create clear signposting for students and businesses that wish to partner with the university for various activities.

They have been carefully selected to form a simple brand architecture that helps us to keep all of our activities structured.

The coloured box shadows the master brand logo and is in equal size. Type runs vertically to differentiate it from the logo-type, and is set with Bliss in sentence case, always centred horizontally.

Bath Spa University Alumni logo Bath Spa University Business logo Bath Spa University Careers logo  Bath Spa University Events logoBath Spa University Global logo Bath Spa University Library logo Bath Spa university Research logo Bath Spa University Support logo Bath Spa University International logoBath Spa University Studios logoBath Spa Venues logo Bath Spa Live logo Bath Spa Live: Burdalls Yard logoBath Spa Live: Michael Tippet Centre logo Bath Spa Live: University Theatre logo

Bath Spa University is one university offering the full range of arts and humanities-based subjects delivered through our different schools. We express these in our master typestyle in a consistent fashion as we are first and foremost Bath Spa University with one vision, one future and delivering to one common standard of excellence. Our schools each have their specific areas of study, their own unique history and distinctive features which is communicated through their courses, their events and successes.

When we use the schools as endorsement on things like business cards or letter heads we create them in the following way.

Schools of study are set in Bath Spa New Roman Headline. The colour should always be PMS 533. For example:

Bath School of Art & Design logo

The above examples are correct. They are set in Bath Spa New Roman Headline. Tracking is set to 0 and leading is set at 80% of the type size.

The principals described above are for use as title elements only, never in body copy. There should be no special treatment of the type when used in body copy.

Which Logo Do I Use?

With the three levels of branding it could be confusing which logo to use, and when.

Communications that describe the university as a whole, for example the prospectus cover or the website homepage, should carry the Master Brand only.

Only one master logo should appear on any communication, ie the master brand or sub-brand. School names can be added to tailor communications or add endorsement as required.

  • Master logo: We use this logo when we are communicating at a university level. Examples include our prospectus, and website, advertising, etc.
  • Uncontained logo: We use this logo when we are communicating at a university level, but when space is limited. Examples include printing logos on lanyards, and promotional material such as USB memory sticks or pens.
  • Sub-brands: We use these logos when we are creating communications that are tailored to a specific initiative or sub-brand of our university. The addition of school endorsement is optional and should only be used when creating communications that are specific to that school. These should always appear with either the master logo or the initiative logos.

Downloadable Logos

Master logo:

Please note that there are separate logo versions for Facebook, Twitter and other social-media sites.

Uncontained logo:


Logos for Facebook:

Our Facebook-ready logos have a white border around them, to compensate for the border that Facebook adds to logos. These Facebook-ready logos must not be used on Twitter or other social-media sites. When adding the logo in the admin area of a Facebook page, you must select the "Scale to fit" option under "Edit Thumbnail".

Logos for Twitter and other social-media sites: