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We have developed a new and bespoke typeface for Bath Spa University which draws on the Roman heritage of Bath whilst putting a contemporary twist on it to reflect progressive character of Bath Spa. The lettering is inspired by Roman signposting around Bath, where the light falls across the lettering chiselled into the stonework, creating highlights and shadows which exaggerate the ascenders and descenders of the characters, giving an illusion of floating letterforms.

Modern, stencilled typography and neon lettering share these characteristics which are driven by a desire for minimalism as well as the limitations of their application, just like the chiselling of letters into stone. This gave us a platform to create a bespoke font that pays tribute to history whilst delivering a thoroughly modern aesthetic.

Our fonts are are available to download at the bottom of this page.


Primary Typography

Our new font has been designed to work harmoniously in two weights. It’s a title font and should be used in large sizes for titles on the cover of brochures, headlines in advertising and also on our "Space to" proposition statements. It is not suitable for setting large sections of copy.

Bath Spa New Roman Title

This cut of New Roman Title has been specially designed for our logotype, it should only ever be used to create our ‘Space To’ proposition campaign messages.

Sample of Bath Spa New Roman Title

Bath Spa New Roman Headline

New Roman Headline is a monoline version of New Roman Title. It should be used for large headline copy such as our duality messages and large page headings.

Sample of Bath Spa New Roman Headline

Secondary Typography

We have chosen supporting fonts that reflect our friendly tone of voice and our warmth.


We’ve chosen Bliss as our primary typeface because it reflects the spirit and feel of the brand; it is elegant yet friendly, classic yet crisp and clean, conveying a sense of modernity. Bliss is a font developed for its simplicity, legibility and ‘Englishness’ (where forms are typically softer, more flowing and generous in their curves). Bliss can be used in different weights. Light and medium weights are recommended. Italics and bold should be used sparingly. It is commonly used for sub-headings.

Bliss will only be used for publications produced by the Marketing and Communications department.

Sample of the Bliss font


Din is used as a fallback for the Bliss font in some printed material.

Din will only be used for publications produced by the Marketing and Communications department.


Arial is the default font for use by all members of staff at Bath Spa University in their own branded publications (booklets, leaflets, posters, etc.). This is because it is a standard font available on almost all computers.

Font Usage


Our type hierarchy is shown below.

Font hierachy


For headlines you can use colour to get attention and make something stand out, however body copy should always be set in either PMS 533 or black. Alternatively it can be reversed out of a coloured background.

Horizontal Alignment

Headlines should always be left aligned. All other supporting copy is aligned to match the headline. Text is never centred horizontally.


Kerning is the process of manually adjusting the tracking between characters, to ensure that the blank spaces between each pair of characters have a similar area. This can result in more balanced and visually pleasing typography. This example shows tracking applied manually to the characters:


kerning is a laborious process and therefore should only be applied to large titles and headlines set in Bath Spa New Roman.

Downloadable Fonts

Bath Spa New Roman:

The Bath Spa New Roman font by Bath Spa University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Other Fonts: